We're a small family owned business who are dedicated to designing and creating quality jewellery with unique and interesting gemstones. 

Our designs range anywhere from popular styles through to completely customised designs created for your individual personality.

We're a husband and wife team who have been heavily involved in many aspects of the jewellery industry with a combination of over 40 years of experience.


The design power-horse of the company.  Vikki's experience in the jewellery industry is as vast as her skill set.

Experienced in all facets of retail jewellery, she has worked in sales and management roles for companies ranging in size from micro businesses to large corporations, and has been instrumental in team development roles, focusing on team training, design and manufacture, and buying development.

A regular at several international and local jewellery events, she has a keen eye for upcoming trends, and unique styles.

As our main designer, Vikki will be happy to work with you to achieve your next special piece of jewellery for your collection.


Anthony's experience ranges from jewellery design and bench work through to training jewellers from all over Australia and New Zealand on utilising technology to improve workshop efficiency and minimise precious metals wastage.

A fully qualified bench jeweller, Anthony has seen the industry change over the past quarter century, and evolved his skill set to take advantage of more advanced jewellery manufacturing techniques which give the client far more scope in creating designs that previously were not physically able to be produced.

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